Richard Martin

Curator | Writer | Educator




Tate Intensive: The Case for Action (Tate Modern): Curator of the fourth Tate Intensive programme, held in July 2019. Keynote speakers: Gaylene Gould, Helen Legg, Hew Locke and Elvira Dyangani Ose.



On Perspective: From Turner to Today (Tate Britain): a conversation between Shumi Bose, Sam Jacob and Jim Lambie organised with RIBA, held in September 2018.

Postmodernism and the City (Tate Britain): a tour and panel discussion organised with John Soane’s Museum, held in July 2018. Featuring Shumi Bose, Terry Farrell, Liza Fior, Piers Gough and Jane Pavitt.

Tate Intensive: Making Space, Holding Space, Giving Space (Tate Modern): Curator of the third Tate Intensive programme, held in July 2018, bringing together cultural professionals from six continents for a week of workshops, talks and gallery visits. Keynote speakers: Anne Barlow, Jane Finnis, Ryan Gander, Fatoş Üstek and Jenny Waldman.

Introduction to Artists’ Moving Image (Tate Modern): a four-week course led by Herb Shellenberger, with a guest talk by Sophia Al-Maria.

Art and Inequality (Tate Modern): afternoon workshop and evening discussion, organised with Clive Nwonka (LSE), held in June 2018. Contributors included Bidisha, Bonnie Greer, Andrea Phillips and Jacob V Joyce.​

Joan Jonas Public Programme (Tate Modern): a series of events from April to July 2018, including a discussion on art and ecology, an exhibition tour by time-based media conservators, a conversation between Joan Jonas and Marina Warner, and a four-week course on media and storytelling.

Walter Mignolo on Decoloniality (Tate Britain): a keynote talk with response from Phoebe Boswell, chaired by Alanna Lockward. Held in June 2018 as part of Be.Bop 2018 Black Europe Body Politics.

Artists’ Talks (Tate Modern): auditorium talks by Faith Ringgold, Kerry James Marshall, and Glenn Ligon with Gregg Bordowitz (organised with Afterall), held in April and May 2018.

Violence, Gender, History (Tate Modern): a workshop considering histories of violence against women in times of conflict, held in January 2018. Featuring Amar Kanwar, Joanna Bourke and Nada Raza.



Impressionists in London Public Programme (Tate Britain): a series of events from November 2017 to March 2018, including talks by Odile Decq and MaryAnne Stevens, three salon discussions, exhibition tours in English and French, and a conference organised with the Paul Mellon Centre.

Time Well Spent (Tate Exchange): a two-week project investigating how we spend and value time, including performances, talks, workshops and screenings. Held in November and December 2017, the programme included a new commissioned performance work by They Are Here, along with contributions from Tehching Hsieh, Lois Keidan, Amelia Groom, Sarah Carpenter, the vacuum cleaner, Beth Elliot, Sam Curtis, Cassie Quarless, Usayd Younis, Sarah Walker, Red Chidgey, and Nina Power.

Soul of a Nation Public Programme (Tate Modern): a series of events from July to October 2017, including talks by Spike Lee, Claudia Rankine, and Khalil Joseph with Arthur Jafa, three listening sessions, a workshop led by Zinzi Minott and Imani Robinson, and an international conference.

Tate Intensive: Art Matters (Tate Modern): Curator of the second Tate Intensive programme, held in July 2017, bringing together 28 international cultural professionals for a week of workshops, talks and gallery visits. Keynote speakers: Maria Balshaw, Alex Farquharson, Isaac Julien, Karen MacKinnon, Frances Morris and Justine Simons.

Fanon Now // The Finding Fanon Trilogy (Tate Modern): a workshop, screening and discussion, held in May 2017. Contributors included Larry Achiampong, David Blandy and Rizvana Bradley.



Tate Intensive: Making Tomorrow’s Art Museum (Tate Modern): Curator of the inaugural Tate Intensive programme, held in July 2016, bringing together 30 international cultural professionals for a week of workshops, talks and gallery visits. Keynote speakers: Maria Balshaw, Frances Morris, Farshid Moussavi, Cornelia Parker and Nicholas Serota.



Her: The Politics of Female Stardom (BFI Southbank): a special study day, devised and taught with Lucy Scholes, held in March 2015. Organised as part of the BFI’s Katharine Hepburn season, with support from David Somerset.



Mapping the Lost Highway: New Perspectives on David Lynch (Tate Modern): international symposium held at Tate Modern on 31 October 2009, with an accompanying film programme at Tate Modern and the Birkbeck Cinema. A specially-commissioned interview with Lynch was shown at the symposium, with further contributions from Parveen Adams, Sarah Churchwell, Stuart Comer, Gregory Crewdson, Simon Critchley, Marko Daniel, Roger Luckhurst, Tom McCarthy, Daria Martin, Chris Rodley, Jamieson Webster, and Louise Wilson. Supported by the London Consortium, the London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange, and the British Association for American Studies (BAAS).

Critiquing Kubrick: A Masterclass on Eyes Wide Shut (Birkbeck): screening and discussion of Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, organised with Lucy Scholes, and featuring a Q+A with Jan Harlan, the film’s Executive Producer. Held at the Birkbeck Cinema on 24 October 2009 as part of the inaugural Inside Out Festival. Supported by the London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange and the London Consortium.



Crossing the Boundaries: A Conference on Interdisciplinarity and Research (Birkbeck): postgraduate conference, held at Birkbeck, University of London, on 31 May 2008. Organised with Ben Cranfield, with support from Cameron Cartiere, Birkbeck’s Faculty of Lifelong Learning, and Consortium Projects. Full programme here.